Excursions with Farm Visits

Please note:
Unfortunately, there are currently no excursions. Due to the pandemic and the related requirements and contact restrictions, we are unable to organize visits to farms and locations of the entire value chain of egg and poultry meat production.

During the excursions, theoretically acquired knowledge is translated into practice and is discussed. By arrangement, we are also happy to take on the preparation and follow-up of the subject e.g. in class.

Place of Learning

The following farming systems can be visited in poultry farms:

  • Laying hens: Barn or free-range farming, partly with egg-packing station
  • Management of young chickens for fattening (broilers)
  • Turkey farming


Visits can be arranged for the following businesses in the economic group:

  • Feed mills
  • Poultry farms
  • Slaughterhouses/transport
  • Product processing and marketing
  • Institutions for research and development


All excursions are free of charge. Any expenses are covered by the project.

The excursions are offered to the following types of schools and levels:

For holiday programmes and kindergartens: For holiday programmes and kindergartens, an excursion to a modern barn for laying hens with adjoining packing station for eggs is especially interesting. Here, children learn all things to know about the egg as a food product.

For primary schools

1. Learning venue: The barn for laying hens

Examples for learning modules:

  • Which animals lay eggs?
  • The life of a laying hen
  • What does an egg look like inside?
  • Are brown or white eggs coincidental?


2. Learning venue: The barn for broiler chickens, chicks

Examples for learning modules:

  • Where does a chick come from?
  • Why does a chick get a special stable?
  • What does such a stable look like?
  • The development of a chick to chicken.


For secondary schools: Points of reference for teaching

The content of various core curricula offers links to an insight into modern poultry farming, meat and egg production. The acquisition of learning through regional experience is the basis of all types of schooling. The agricultural sector in the Weser-Ems region with its value-supply-chains has socio-economic characteristics.

Modern agriculture is also a focus under discussion in public and in the media, especially animal husbandry and meat production. Children and teenagers have already been confronted with the subject through the media to some extent. Not least by the fact that the interaction with and use of media information is an integral part of acquiring knowledge in class.


Imparting knowledge:

  • What are the structures of poultry farming?
  • How are animals kept and who manages this? How are poultry meats and eggs produced?
  • I want to compare modern production systems with societal values and form my own opinion.
  • I want to form a picture of the farming environment for laying hens, broiler chickens and turkeys in German barns.
  • I want to get expert information on animal health and the use of animal medication.
  • What do I eat? Consumer behaviour and agriculture in a period of change


If interested in an excursion, please contact us. Your contact partner is:

Dipl.-Geographer Ursula Welting, science associate
Telephone: +49 511 953-7824
Fax: +49 511 953-827820
E-Mail: Ursula.Welting@tiho-hannover.de