The Concept: Insights into Poultry Husbandry with Barn Visits

Learn - Experience - Discuss

Eggs and poultry are available all year round in a range of variations on the menu.
But where do our breakfast eggs, our turkey fillets or our chicken nuggets come from?

In order to provide real insights into poultry meat and egg production, since 2012 there has been the project “Transparency Initiative in the Poultry Industry”. One focus of the project is theme-based excursions to poultry barns and other stations in the value chain of poultry meat and egg production. During the excursions theoretical knowledge is applied and discussed in practice.

Who is it for?

The addressees are all school levels and types in Lower Saxony, kindergartens, vocational schools or universities.

Pre- and post-preparation of lessons by us:

  • Age-appropriate mediation of knowledge
  • Provision of teaching materials
  • Discussion of main themes with experts
  • Exchange of knowledge between schools, science and business


Content reference points for the lesson:

  • Agricultural production & forms of use
  • Production steps in the integral system
  • Company structures & global networks
  • Nutrition & food production
  • Business models in the poultry industry
  • Animal husbandry & welfare
  • Challenges: economics & ecology
  • Value and standardisation concepts in poultry meat and egg production
  • Vocational and training suggestions


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