About us

Our main task is to bring together international research in the field of egg and poultry farming in one place, to initiate new research projects and to communicate existing research results. We want to give the public a neutral, factual and scientific insight into the modern, market-oriented egg and poultry industry.

WING is a research institution of the Univeristy of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, Foundation and not subordinate to any of the faculties. It is directly subordinate to the presidium.

The Scientific Advisory Board consists of designated scientists from Germany and abroad as well as a representative of the National Association of the Lower Saxony Poultry Industry. It elects a chairman amongst its members, who represents the advisory board toward the scientific leadership and management of WING.

We work together actively and innovatively with partners from practice and research. We have also enjoyed many years of cooperation with international institutions and organisations.



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Transparency Initiative

In 2012 the project “Transparency Campaign in the Poultry Industry” was started to provide real insights into poultry meat and egg production. One focus of the project is theme-based excursions to poultry barns and other stations in the value chain of poultry meat and egg production. During the excursions theoretical knowledge is applied and discussed in practice.



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