There are various scientific issues within the different areas of the egg and poultry industry, which require urgent further analysis. With its future orientation of research, WING will pursue the central topics listed below.

New research approaches and main focuses

Market and structure analyses

  • Economic and regulatory framework.
  • Competitiveness of German producers.
  • National and international markets for poultry products.
  • Market forecasts, in particular as a function of demographic changes and changes in consumer behaviour.
  • Change processes in the direction of production in diversifying markets.
  • Possibilities of opening up new sales markets at home and abroad.
  • Challenges of globalisation.
  • The current and future role of the poultry industry in food security.


Production and husbandry forms

  • Effects of changed forms of production, e.g. extensification, the production of animal food, buyer behaviour and the social attitude to production and sales markets.


Animal health, animal diseases

  • Occurrence and spread of highly infectious animal diseases and countermeasures to reduce the introduction and dissemination risks.
  • Spatio-temporal analyzes of the economic consequences of major avian influenza outbreaks and long-term indirect consequences. (Dissertation)


Environmental sciences

  • Process for the reduction of negative environmental effects through oversupply of farm manure in centres of intensive animal production.
  • Strategic concepts to reduce feed, water and energy consumption in animal production with the aim of increasing sustainability.
  • Possible effects of extensification of animal product production on resource consumption and carbon footprint compared to conventional forms of production.

Ethics and social change, CSR

  • Effects of changed social attitudes towards intensive animal production and development of strategy concepts to improve acceptance by new models.
  • Ethical aspects in companies belonging to the poultry industry. Examining the ethical business responsibility of companies in their position and evaluating CSR policy preferences along the value chain of poultry production. (Dissertation)


Effects of technological developments

  • New technological developments to increase efficiency and reduce negative environmental impacts.
  • Spatio-temporal propagation of new technologies using diffusion models of innovation research.
  • Optimisation of process control in food supply chains through the use of digital technologies.